With good measurement practices

products will stand

the test of time

Metrology, the science of measurement, is a discipline that plays an important role in sustaining modern societies. It deals not only with the measurements that we make in day-to-day living, but also in industry, science, and technology.

The technological advancement of the present-day world would not have been possible if not for the contribution made by metrologists all over the world to maintain accurate measurement systems.

We are on the eve of major changes: Industry 4.0 is expected to ignite the T&M sector, providing new opportunities for monitoring and measuring increasingly complicated systems and processes.

As the complexity of products is increasing the specific know-how required for maintaining the appropriate quality levels is hard to find. We realized that and we building an extensive network of measurement specialists in all different areas of measurement worldwide. Sometimes only required as a consultant to recommend measurement instrumentation, or as an additional design resource. In this way, the client can have the focus on their own product development process instead of selecting the appropriate T&M strategy/selection. Test & Measurement suppliers can enhance and augment their offerings to end users.

For T&M suppliers, we designed a process based on the highly successful “Phoenix Process” which Fluke pioneered in the 1990’s for their new businesses. Fluke enhanced the process two more times, while we added our own elements to the process, including MVP, Business Model Engineering, and System Dynamics during the whole Business Development process. We named it Phoenix 4.0,
since it is the fourth iteration of the original process.

A crucial and essential element of going to market is to have the appropriate sales channels aligned with the chosen business strategy. We are highly specialized in sales channel development & management in the T&M market.